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Covid-19: All Security Measures for a Relaxing Stay

In our hotel, the safety and health of our guests is our top priority. In this especially uncertain Corona time, Hotel Melissa applies a comprehensive health and hygiene program. Our Covid-19 guidelines comply with national health and hygiene regulations. Our employees wear face masks and - whenever it is prescribed - gloves.


CLEANING: As mandated by law, regular ventilation of all premises and the use of approved cleaning products and disinfectants is carried out in the guestrooms, bar, restaurant, and kitchen. Surfaces with high points of contact such as the elevators, door handles and doors are also disinfected and cleaned several times a day. There are also numerous disinfectant dispensers that can be found throughout the house.

RESTAURANT "IL DELFINO": Since the restaurant room is very large, it is possible to place guests so that distance regulations and guidelines are adhered to, and our guests can enjoy the delicacies of our chef in peace and serenity.


BREAKFAST: Our traditional breakfast buffet is no longer offered in the usual “self-service” format. Each guest breakfast is chosen and arranged with the help of a waiter and then served to the table while maintaining all distance requirements. On request you can of course also enjoy breakfast served to your room.


HOTEL ROOM: The cleaning and disinfection of the hotel linen is carried out by an external industrial laundry where all mandated hygiene standards are also maintained.  


MORE FLEXIBLE BOOKINGS: In this uncertain time, we have introduced flexible, customer-friendly cancellation conditions so that you can make your travel plans in a more relaxed and confident manner.